November 5, 2018

Library Humor | Fun With Library Carts

In an attempt to amuse myself the other day, I decided to follow suit of the very clever @LibrarianMillie (One of the many awesome Librarians that I follow on Instagram) and name a couple of our library book carts.
I thought I was being funny naming one Cartier and one Cardi B, like Cart A and Cart B.

The staff was amused by my carts, my sister on the other hand told me I was stupid. To each his own...

What do you think of my carts? Do you enjoy them? Do you think it's stupid? Lemme know!

November 1, 2018

Month In Review: October 2018

♥ Celebrating Mimi's first Halloween with her, my sister, Erik and my parents.
♥ Meeting Day and Ryan's new puppy Stewart.
♥ Attending New York Comic Con (NYCC).
♥ Seeing Halloween (2018) with my sister, Erik, Nick, Phil and Rob.
♥ Having a sleepover with Chas at her hotel while she was in New York City for NYCC.
♥ Going out east with Phil, Rob, Gino, Christina, Alana & H for the day and doing fall stuff.
♥ Planning a trip with Justin to go to Florida next month to see our families before Thanksgiving.
Super Mario Party night with Justin, Phil and Rob.
♥ Going to Mike and Kelly's engagement party.
♥ Bar hopping with @StewTheBKPug.
♥ Sister + Mimi day.

Halloween (2018)
Dog Friendly Brooklyn With @StewTheBKPug
Forgotten Photos From My iPhone: October 2018 In Huji

Halloween (2018)
Eli Roth's History of Horror (2018 - Present)
Strange Evidence (2017 - Present)
Charmed (2018 - Present)
How Far Is Tattoo Far? (2018 - Present)
Heathers (2018)

October 31, 2018

Forgotten Photos From My iPhone: October 2018 In Huji

Throughout the course of the month I took a bunch of random photos while I was out doing various things but not enough to make actual blog posts about what I did. So here are all of those photos in Huji as evidence that I actual did stuff during the past month...

November Photo-A-Day

Here is the photo-a-day list Fat Mum Slim made for November 2018...

 How To Take Part In November Photo-A-Day:
  • Using the list as inspiration, take a photo each day.     
  • Share it on Instagram or Twitter using the hashtags #FMSphotoaday and #FMSPAD. You can also share on your blog or on Facebook by joining her group.     
  • Check out other people's photos and like them or comment on them.
  • Each day a Fab Four is picked from the photos shared on Instagram for the challenge. It’s four photos that have captured their attention from each prompt. Check the feed @littlemomentsapp to see the photos.

October 29, 2018

Dog Friendly Brooklyn With @StewTheBKPug

As you may or may not know if you follow me on Instagram, Day and Ryan got a black pug puppy a few weeks ago. And because he is still so young, they need to bring him places with them. So we decided that our mission for the day was to hang out in Brooklyn at bars that claimed they were pet friendly.

So we went to check out a few in Gowanus. We started off (and spent the majority of our time) at Strong Rope Brewery, a brewery that Day had seen featured somewhere and thought that Justin would like.

When we got there, there was not a dog in sight. So Day went up to the bartender to make sure it was dog friendly like their website claimed. And the bartender proceeded to tell us it very much so was and that we'd actually just missed doggy yoga (Which Day now wants to bring Stewart to).

So after confirming that Stewart could stay, we grabbed a table and some drinks and just chilled.

Eventually we got hungry and decided to pick up some food (The brewery doesn't serve food but allows you to bring outside food in, which is clutch) from Taheni, this random Mediterranean restaurant Justin found near by on Yelp.

When we were done eating we contemplated moving on but since Stewart was in his glory napping on Day's lap, we decided to stick around and play a game or two.


We ended up playing Rummikub for a few rounds because it seemed like one of the easier games to teach Day and Ryan how to play (Justin and I have been playing Rummikub for years thanks to Phil's mom, who is obsessed with the game and taught us how to play forever ago).

After we had our fill of Rummikub and the Strong Rope Brewery, we walked over to Mission Dolores Bar to check out the vibe there and see if it really was dog friendly or not.

It very much so was. When we walked in we saw a couple with a one-year-old chocolate labrador, who desperately wanted to play with Stewart. Unfortunately right before we walked into the bar we met a lady just walking her poodle and her poodle scared Stewart, so he was in no mood to play with the lab.

In addition to the lab, a handful of other dogs strolled in with their owners and the bartender was super excited to see each dog. She came around the bar to greet them all and give them a little treat. It was really sweet.

We had a couple of drinks, Stewart and I made friends with a toddler that was hanging out with his father and then eventually we headed back to Day and Ryan's apartment because it was Sunday and we all had work the next day.

So we didn't go very many places on this excursion with Stewart but now we know he is super chill while out at a bar and we look forward to our next outing in Brooklyn with him.

Have you been to any good dog friendly spots in the New York City area? If you have, I'd love to hear about them because I feel like we're going to be bringing Stewart out with us a lot.