October 28, 2012

Becoming Mary Sanderson...

As I mentioned in my previous post my sister, Erin, a few of our friends and I went out to one of the local bars for a Halloween event they were having in all of our Sanderson sisters glory. And I figured since I did everything and Halloween hasn't actually passed that I'd put the following together in case anyone decides they'd like to be Mary Sanderson next year or even whip together something before Wednesday rolls around...

PhotobucketI wasn't having any luck at the thrift store the first time around finding pieces to make my own costume so I hit up Amazon and bought a Tavern Wench costume by Disguise. Which I altered to make look more like Mary's outfit. I used some Sunshine Orange and Cherry Red Rit Dye to make the sleeves of the costume orange (They didn't come out the right shade because of the fabric but whatever, it's still orange). I attempted to make the vest/corset red using spray fabric paint (That was all I could find in Michael's) but it didn't work out so well so I left that sucker black. I attached a piece of a burgundy plaid sheet to the skirt portion to emulate what Mary had going on.

To top off the clothing portion I took a full length hooded red cape (Kinda like this one), dyed it with a mixture of Cherry Red and Black Rit Dye to make it a bit darker because it was too red and wore that with everything else.


In order to get Mary's hair we looked at tons of pictures and I decided to search through YouTube to see if anyone had made video on how to get hair similar to hers. I happened to find the following video that FormidableArtistry had made...

After my sister and I watched the video we decided to play around and do a Mary hair trial. The first time we tried doing it we used a Solo Cup without anything stuffed inside of it and it didn't work out so well. So we threw that bad boy away and grabbed a styrofoam cup, stuffed it with a wash cloth and attached a piece of aluminum foil to it.

My sister sectioned my hair off, teased it and attached the front portion of my hair to the cup like FormidableArtistry did, but she didn't put my hair in a ponytail to attach the back. She just continued attaching the back portion the same way as she did the front because of the length of my hair, etc.

Once all of my actual hair was attached she took my clip-on hair extensions, flipped them upside down and started to attach them to my hair at the top of the cup. She used the clip-ons instead of a cut up portion of a wig like FormidableArtistry used and started wrapping them around the foil. The foil kept bending and pissing her off, so when we did my hair the day we were dressing up we used a piece of a wire coat hanger bent into an "S" shape instead. When she had everything pinned in place she took a long piece of yarn that I had braided, pinned it and wrapped it around my hair. When my hair looked right she sprayed all of the hair with washable black hair color and when that I was dry I combed in some purple hair mascara.

That's how I got my Mary hair!


After hair comes make up...

To top off everything I made myself a vacuum cleaner out of some cardboard, white Duck Tape, a paper shopping bag and black spray paint. I honestly can't write out step by step instructions because I kinda just made it...
* = These were a limited edition product. Also, unlike the normal collection of Impress nails these were much longer.


  1. You all look great! This is such a great and fun costume idea! You all look like you had a great night xxx

    1. Thank you!

      We did. We had an amazing night. :-D

  2. Looks like you guys are a fun group. Glad you were able to pull it together for the look you wanted. Hey, another inch or two on the hair and you could have been Marge Simpson instead! ;) [#TALU]

  3. Super fun! How lucky you are to have sisters to pull this off with. Nice that you took a lot of photos to remember. (visiting from TALU)

  4. Does the black hair dye wash out easily?

  5. Does the black hair dye wash out easily?