July 10, 2010

Fairs & Fireworks...

Last night Erin and I went to the local church's annual fair. As we were walking towards the fair we found my sister and her friend, so we all ended up hanging out. We ate crappy fair food (french fries, fried Oreos™, sausage & peppers, etc), walked around, played some games (my sister won me a Domo™ in the horse race game thingy) and eventually we walked to the beach to watch the fireworks -- The fireworks were okay, they could have been done a bit better.

As we were walking from the beach we ran into one of our friends and she asked to hang out with us, so we all went back to Erin's apartment -- We rocked out in the car on the way back to her place. We went to the beach by her, took pictures of Domo™ doing random things and they caught a bunch of toads before we went back to the apartment.

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