July 15, 2010

Post Post Post...

So, I've posted in the past few days but I don't really feel like I've posted if that makes any sense...

Tuesday: Before I threw up in my garbage can we had a union meeting to vote on the proposed new union contact -- We've been without a contract for over a year now. I spent the entire meeting drawing pictures about how the meeting blew and I took a picture of them for everyone to see!

Wednesday: I went to work feeling sick and blah solely because my Director told me I had thirty minutes of sick leave to my name. As soon as I get in I get a phone call from the coworker I constantly bitch about -- I think I shall call her "Julia" from now on. Surprise surprise, she was calling in sick, but she said she might come in at 12:00pm if she was feeling better. Two hours later she called back and asks me who is working, I rattle off the names of everyone working and then she say "Oh, I'm still feeling sick so I won't be coming in." She said it like I didn't notice that she was calling to cover her ass if we just so happened to be short staffed. Eventually the payroll/book keeping lady came downstairs to tell me that "Julia" wasn't coming in. Obviously I started to bitch about being the one that threw up in their garbage can the day before and only having thirty minutes of sick leave. She said that I had more than thirty minutes and went upstairs to check. Five minutes later she comes down and tells me I have almost forty HOURS of sick leave. Pissed off, I waited for my Department Head to get in. As soon as I saw her I told her what happened and I said I was going home sick and I left.

I slept for a couple of hours and then I went dress shopping because I needed a dress for Justin's college friend's wedding that is happening in like three weeks. After picking out a dress with Erin and my sister, we stopped by Justin's to show him and then we went to the movies to see Despicable Me (2010). The movie was cute and I really enjoyed it.

Thursday: The day was slow yet I was busy. I did an ice cream craft demo to check to see if my ice cream in a bag recipe worked well and see how long it would take -- It took forever and I'm surprise I didn't lose a finger to frostbite. I also did a book discussion group with one kid, but he, his sister and his mother gave me a little bag of chocolate from the candy store in town because they love me. And then eventually I did pajama storytime with like six children under the age of five. After all of that I had an hour and a half left of work.

So, that has been that past couple of days.


  1. I could not possibly be more jealous that you saw despicable me before I did...