July 6, 2010

Shop 'Till You Drop...

I was off today because I'm working on Saturday. So, this morning I went to Erin's apartment, we were trying to decide what we wanted to do for the day and we decided that we were gonna go to the beauty supply store to buy randomness. We told Nicole what we were doing and she decided she wanted to join us and that Eileen would want to come also. We went to pick up Eileen, she said she wanted to go thirft store shopping, so we went on a mission to go to both stores.

We could not find the thirft store to save our lives, so we went to the beauty supply shop, bought tons of suff then began our thirft store mission again. Eventually we found it and we spent hours going through clothing and such. After shopping we were super hungry seeing as we had been out since 10am, so we went to have pupusas -- Which were awesome. Then I dropped everyone off and now I'm just chillin' at home.

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