July 12, 2010

Un, Dos, Tres, Toca La Pared...

If you haven't noticed, I have failed to blog the past several days. That is because I've been busy doing randomness and I shall recap all of the loveliness that was my weekend + today now.

Saturday afternoon is where I left you last. I worked until 5pm and then I ran to do a few errands before getting ready for and attending the 18th birthday party of "Favorite Page #1." She threw a lovely party at her church and I had a great time meeting and getting to know some of her friends. I had a great time and I'm so happy she invited me.

After the party I went over Justin's where I found him watching episodes of Breaking Bad (2008). We watched a couple then we went to sleep -- Pretty boring I know but we watched TV until like 1am.

Sunday we went to see the Mets play the Braves. We each got a Jason Bay bobble head (I gave mine to Justin's aunt, she puts them above her outdoor bar) -- What was odd was that Jason Bay was not playing on "Jason Bay Bobble Head Day." We stayed the whole game and watched the Mets beat the Braves (3-0), I bought Mets Silly Bands and we had lunch.

Once the game was over we headed back to his apartment where we watched a few movies: Near Dark (1987) which is an 80's vampire movie that one of the Adult Reference Librarians recomended to me and [REC] (2007) which is the Spanish language film that Quarantine (2008) is a remake of -- FYI: I love Spanish horror & triller movies.

My Spanish Language Film Recomendations:
  • El Orfanto (2007) aka The Orphanage
  • El Laberinto del Fauno (2006) aka Pan's Labyrinth
  • El Espinazo del Diablo (2001) aka The Devil Backbone
Today I work 1pm-9pm because I had a video game night this fine evening -- Yes, I got paid to play video games with a bunch of kids and it was great. Aside from that, throughout the course of the day I saw a baby wearing a wrestlers helmet, I got invited to two of my Drawing Club kid's block party this Saturday and I was treated like a fish seeing as my desk is next to the Computer Room windows -- I had some kid tapping the window at me.

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