August 12, 2010

Phone Calls, Lobster Rolls & College Advice...

Aside from my mini rant, yesterday was a tame day. I actually spent the majority of my afternoon calling patrons telling them that they could come pick up their tickets to the summer reading club party -- Super boring, I know.

Despite the mediocrity that was yesterday I did have a bright spot in the work day, I took "Favorite Page #1" to lunch. We went, sat by the water at my favorite seafood place and ate lobster rolls and crab cakes. Seeing as she is leaving for college next week I mustered up little last minute tidbits of knowledge for her to consider as she goes away to college. It was an excellent lunch hour and I honestly don't know what I'm going to do without her, I'm going to miss her. Thankfully I have two more work days with her before she leaves.

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