August 14, 2010


I just had the pleasure of being bitched out by a grandmother because she put her grandson on the internet and googled "kids games" instead of going to an established kiddie website like Nick Jr. or PBS Kids. The website she chose had both adult and children's games, so their were "inappropriate" advertisements -- There was an ad for birth control across the top of the screen. Because of this she found the need to pull me into the room and get angry with me about the availability of such websites. I began to tell her that our library does not block or monitor websites because that is the policy that our Board of Trustees agreed upon -- We do not censor anything. Obviously she didn't care and continued to lecture me. I just took it and put her grandson on Nick Jr. and walked away.

I really hate people sometimes. She chose to let her grandson go on the computer. She googled "kids games." She picked the link to the website. We rattled off the names of a bunch of websites to choose kiddie games from before he got on and she didn't listen. How am I at fault?

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