August 5, 2010

Philadelphia Part Un...

Greetings from Philadelphia! Yup, the Misfit has struck Philly -- I'll try not to leave it in ruins, I promise. I'm here for a long weekend with Justin because his friend is getting married on Saturday at the Franklin Institute. I have never actually been here before so I'm very much so looking forward to seeing all that I can see in my time here.

We actually did quite a lot today. We went to Adventure Aquarium (Justin really likes fish, so we go to aquariums frequently), we saw the Battleship New Jersey, we wandered around the cemetery that Benjamin Franklin was buried in (I have this odd love of cemeteries), we got to see the Liberty Bell, we saw the "LOVE" statue, we wandered around and ate at Reading Terminal Market, etc. It has thus far been a lovely experience and I'll keep you posted on the rest of my trip.

1 comment :

  1. Look who's in my future city! :D
    I love the Franklin institute! Have fun!