September 3, 2010

Box Bitch...

I don't know if I've mentioned this in the past or not, but I end up doing a lot of things that I wasn't told I'd ever do in Library School. Yesterday was one of those days were I ended up doing randomness that has nothing at all with my job description. I moved boxes for hours because new carpeting is being installed in the building -- Our Director didn't want to close the library down, so the old carpeting is being ripped out and the new carpeting is being installed at night after the library closes.

So, I spent my shift moving boxes back into our half carpeted department, cleaning and making new signs. It was an interesting evening I guess... I wouldn't have minded as much if the other two librarians actually helped, they both had some bull shit reasoning as to why they couldn't help move the boxes. Apparently I have the same in store for me today. Oh joy!

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