September 13, 2010

First Week Of September...

I would like to apologize for not updating in almost a week. I've been crazy busy all week and the only reason I really have time to blog right now is because I'm home sick -- I feel super blah today. Funny thing about me not going to work today, I called in sick at 8:30am before the library even opened, I called and spoke with the Director and he said he'd tell my Department Head. An hour later I get a phone call from my Department Head questioning me about whether or not I was coming to work. I ensured her that I called and spoke with the Director which in turn made her mad at him. So they had a big communication fail. But enough about that, let me update you all on what was my past week work and play related.

Lets start off with work... As I mentioned in an early post we got new carpeting and tiles in the library, so I've been super busy helping my department head putting things back were they belong. Which has been a super shitty job because "Julia" and the other librarian "Amy" are unable to help us for whatever bull shit reasons. In addition the other ladies in my department just flat out refuse to help, leaving all of the work for my department head and I. So, that has eaten up a decent chunk of my time at work.

Aside from my "other assigned tasks" I've also had the pleasure of having to deal with the first day of after school tweens and teens -- The school year starting means that I'll have way more posts about chaos going on in my department because all of the amusing stuff happens during the school year. So, Wednesday was the first day of school here and it was also the first time I've had to deal with a huge group of teens in months. These particular teens decided to park themselves in our picture book room -- they did had two small children with them -- and be super loud. One teen in particular wanted to use our computers and when he was told he didn't have permission forms filled out by his parents and that he couldn't go on the computer he walked over to the group of teens and started asking them to fill out the forms and pretend to be his parent. He asked them quite loudly and within my earshot. I looked at all of them and informed them that I am neither deaf nor dumb, and that I could hear everything they were saying. They laughed when I said this and continued, only one of them was like "Hey guys, she can hear you and I don't think she is going to accept that permission form..." C'mon, what is wrong with these teens?! They really must think that they are guinuesses and that the rest of us are stupid. I just couldn't believe what was going on.

Later on the same kid that was trying to get on the computers asks me for two pieces of paper and I had him two pieces of white computer paper. He gets snippy with me and was all "I need lined paper!" My responce to him was "I'm not Staples, go buy yourself a pack of loose leaf for .99¢" He made a face at me and told me not to be sarcastic. I informed him as I walked away from him that that wasn't sarcasim, that was me being snarky and mean.

In addition to these fun incidents, on Friday our biggest problem teen returned and was back giving us all attitude. I look forward to seeing how she behaves this year. I'll keep you updated.

That's enough with the bad teens. On Friday one of my favorite kids brought her pet duck into the library for a quick visit, which only caused minor problems because I failed to inform my department head about the possiblity of a duck visit. Aside from her everyone else was excited to see the duck, which had a dress, diaper and leash on. It was super cute.

In terms of my personal life; I got a hair cut and dyed my hair black on Thursday, I hung out with my college friends Friday & Saturday (My roommate jumped on me and wrapped her legs around me and she wouldn't let me go for a good ten minutes) and Sunday Justin and I went to a Mets game, then out for Cuban food after the game.


  1. Oh how I wish I was there for the start of the year chaos... Glad you had a good weekend! Hope the new carpet's worth all the moving!

  2. It isn't. We all hate the new carpet. It doesn't match anything, it's terrible.