October 20, 2010

All By Myself...

The minute I walked into work today I was bombarded with randomness. It looked like a bomb exploded in our picture book room and the two people that were working looked at me and said they were both leaving at 1:00pm. On top of that the other people that were supposed to be in at 1:00pm were late.

I had to clean up the aftermath of the lazy parents and their children by myself, then take all of the toys out of the picture book room and hide them in our office so that I wouldn't have to deal with cleaning up again. Once I was done clean the two people that were supposed to be in at 1:00pm showed up.

I spent the rest of the day dealing with random questions, making craft demos, doing "Julia's" storytime, etc. Now I am sitting by my lonesome because no one can work extra nights because it is apparently so hard.


  1. Oh no! The Wednesday hurricane without me! =( I'm sorry I wasn't there to help clean it up... YOURE A TROOPER! <333