October 14, 2010

Attack Of The Bitchy Tutor...

While I was alone at work today I had the pleasure of being bitched out by a tutor because we do not offer copies of the High School's textbooks for circulation. I nicely told the man that we only have reference copies of the textbooks because that is what the High School donated them for and he proceeded to get nasty with me. He ranted that he was a tax payer, blah, blah, blah... And that it was unacceptable that we do not offer circulating copies. I apologized to him, he made a snarky remark and apparently went downstairs to Adult Reference to bitch.

I found out from the Adult Librarian that he mauled after myself that he is a local patron but his students are not and he meets them several towns over to tutor them.
  1. Why don't the students have their own copies of their textbooks to study from?
  2. The books were donated for the use of students in the district. Not tutors and their out of district students.
  3. I'm just the person who happened to be sitting at the desk, I have nothing to do with those particular books. Why are you getting nasty with me?!

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