October 13, 2010

Popcorn Madness...

Okay, so "Julia" has been out for the past week and a half because she had to have her gallbladder taken out (I have no sympathy for the woman because I spent my twenty first birthday in the hospital because my gallbladder was inflamed/infected and I spent my spring break recovering from surgery. Plus the woman told someone in the department that she was going to the movies the other night, yet had a letter faxed over stating that she needs another half a week off from work -- She doesn't need almost three weeks to recover). Because she is out people have had to cover her programs, which she had set up ahead of time so that whomever just had to use the pre-selected materials. So, "Amy" has to do that storytime today and it was popcorn. According to the instructions "Julia" left the children were supposed to use popcorn to create some lame craft, so my Department Head told "Amy" that she needed air popped popcorn without anything on it for the craft. "Amy" looks at us and tells us she doesn't know how to make air popped popcorn. Really?! How hard is it to dump kernels into an air popper and plug it in?! Because she honestly had no clue I ended up making the popcorn for her.

So, the kicker in this whole story is the fact that she didn't actually end up using any of the popcorn I made because the parents (whose children are in kindergarten and first grade) wouldn't let their children near the popcorn because they thought it was a choking hazard, so instead of the popcorn they used cotton balls. What is this World coming to? Children can't enjoy a simple pleasure such as popcorn because it's a "choking hazard." I'm pretty sure my whole generation was fed popcorn and I have never heard of anyone I know choking on popcorn. I really hate all of the crap of all of these parents. If I ever have kids I'm feeding them popcorn and I'm making them an f'ing peanut butter and jelly sandwich everyday, screw the kids with nut allergies! Ugh!

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