October 23, 2010

That's Not My Job...

I dealt with the biggest douche bag ever today. I was standing at the Youth Services Department's Reference Desk when this short smelly homeless looking man walks up and puts a stack of VHS tapes on the desk. I look at him an politely tell him that he needs to check them out downstairs at the Circulation Desk. He gives me the nastiest glare and says "You have a computer. Why can't you check them out?!" I looked at him and said "I'm sorry, I can't check them out. It isn't my job. You'll have to go downstairs to the ladies at circulation." This pissed him off. "Why can't you check my items out?! You have a computer!!" I look him and repeated that it isn't my job to check out items and that he'd have to go downstairs. He continues to give me bitch face and says "If I called the Director I wonder what he'd say about it!" This is when I got pissed and I started to get loud with him. I said to him "If you called the Director he'd tell you IT ISN'T MY JOB!" Then the dude started mumbling crap and says he is going to report me to the Board of Trustees. I told him to go ahead and report me to the board because they'd agree that it isn't my job and that they wouldn't do anything to me about it because I'm the most well liked person in the Youth Services Department. Then I told him to get out of the department.

After all of this happened I warned the Adult Librarians about him and I called the Circulation Desk to tell the ladies down there. I found out when I was talking to the ladies at circulation that the dude isn't even our patron and that he causes problems downstairs. I need to tell my Director, Assistant Director and Department Head when I see them on Monday.

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