November 16, 2010

Christmas & New Years Day...

Oh, here is another example of how stupid "Julia" and "Amy" really are. Today my Department Head and I were looking at the December schedule because I still had a day of annual leave left that I needed to take and we needed to schedule days off for Christmas and New Years since they both fall on a Saturday -- Since both holidays fall on a day when it is unclear who would be working everyone in the building is entitled to an additional day off during the pay period. She called "Julia" and "Emily" in to explain this to them and have them start off by picking one day off each, then we'd worry about the other day. Apparently it was an extremely hard concept to follow because we spent the next hour and a half trying to tell them what was going on and how they had to schedule their days.

"Amy" kept asking if she could save the days like they were earned holiday or annual leave days (which they aren't...) and when my Department Head said no "Amy" was up in arm saying that she needed to talk to the Director because her mother is sick and she doesn't know when she might need days -- Whenever my Department Head says something she doesn't like she runs to the Director and goes over her head, it is really annoying. She kept saying she needed to speak with the Director and we kept trying to tell her if he made an exception for her that he'd have to do the same for the other fifty people on staff -- She still didn't get it.

"Julia" was overjoyed at the idea of extra days and was trying to use them in the beginning of December. It had to be explained to her like she was a child that she couldn't do that. After watching "Julia" flip through her day planner (that I wanted to throw away the other day when she left it at work, but was stopped by several different people from doing so) my Department Head looks at her and says you have X days off, wait do you even have any annual leave left? You used up all your sick time and dipped into your vacation when you took the extra half a week off from work for your "recovery," you need to check with pay roll if you even have any days. "Julia" just stuttered and ran to the pay roll office. What did I do? I took one of "Julia's" days off to be a bitch.

So, unlike my stupid coworkers who don't know how to properly use their time I have the following days off:
  • Friday, December 17th
  • Monday, December 20th
  • Thursday, December 23rd
  • Friday, December 24th
  • Monday, December 27th
  • Tuesday, December 28th
  • Wednesday, December 29th
In addition I have half days off on Tuesday, December 21st and Thursday, December 30th. They can all suck it and bitch about not having the holiday week off to someone who cares.

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