November 3, 2010

Native Americans...

I worked another 1:00pm to 9:00pm shift today, and I must say it was so very peaceful because "Julia" didn't talk to anyone today. She was obviously pissed off at myself, the Department Head and "Emily" so she didn't bother dealing with any of us. It was glorious.

Unfortunately the peacefulness stopped when the children got off from school and started coming in with their parents asking for books on Native Americans. Apparently back in the day Native American projects were big in our school district but at some point they stopped assigning them and we were stuck with tons of books about Native Americans. This year they are once again popular and we have every fourth graders in the district asking us for books on various tribes. If they didn't come when the assignment was first given they are out of luck. All we have left are reference books that we have been telling them to photocopy from, this is not an acceptable answer to the majority of parents and thus we have been getting earfuls from them. Someone scalp me!

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