November 27, 2010

The Night Bookmobile...

Yesterday my Department Head handed me the book "The Night Bookmobile" by Audrey Niffenegger and told me to read it to see what I thought about it -- It was placed on order by someone and she wasn't sure it was suitable for our department, seeing as it was a graphic novel she wanted me to look at it.

It ended up not being suitable for our department so I gave it to Lenora to put in the adult collection. I didn't think it belonged in my department (if you read it you'll find out why) but I very much so enjoyed the book. I'm even considering buying it and adding it to my collection of books about librarians -- Yeah, I'm a dorky librarian that buys books about libraries/librarians, I don't have a lot but I'm working on it.

Books About Libraries/Librarians I Own:
  • "Please Bury Me in the Library" by J. Patrick Lewis
  • "I Want to be a Librarian"
  • "The Library" by Sarah Stewart
So, yeah the point of this was that if you like books about libraries/librarians check this one out. It was interesting.

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