November 14, 2010

Sundays In November...

I was originally supposed to be off today and I ended up covering for one of the other librarians, so I spent my Sunday trapped in the library with "Julia" and some bitchy/crazy patrons.

Patron #1: Bitched me out because the copy machine ate her dollar -- I didn't turn the copy machine on so this was her own fault, sound familiar? It's the story of my life. I gave her a dollar to shut her up and sent her downstairs to annoy the Adult Services Librarians and use their copy machines.

Why do I end up dealing with so much copy machine drama?!

Patron #2: Asked me where she and her son could find books that won a Newbery award. I explained to her that they were mixed in with the other juvenile books, but they would have an award sticker on them stating that it had won the Newbery. She said okay and walked away, only to come back when "Julia" was sitting at the desk to ask her the same question like I lied to her. "Julia" gave her the same freaking answer and from her it was okay.

Again, just because I have pink hair doesn't mean I don't know what I am doing.

Patron#3: Crazy old lady who wanted to buy our stuff turkey off of us. We tried to explain to her she could order one off the internet, but she wanted ours and she was willing to pay. We tried to explain to her that there was no way the Department Head would sell the turkey and she just started spatting out crap about whatever. It was weird. I let her take this stuffed chicken that someone left a few months ago that was just hanging out in the lost and found bin.

Aside from these three I was called flamingo head by a teenage boy and got bitch face from a teenage girl because I said she was a fire hazzard. Lovely Sunday.

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