December 22, 2010

Day & Night...

I actually went to work today and there was hardly anyone at the library. I don't know if it's because people are getting ready for Christmas or what, but there were minimal people in the Youth Services Department -- The majority of these people walked in and/or walked out with screaming children.

After my extremely dull day I went home to get ready to go out with some of my friends. While I was home I found out my mother told off a neighbor the day before and my father went to the police station about said neighbor today -- They were both heated when they were talking about it, it was amusing.

I left my crazy parents to pick up Erin from her house so that we could go meet our other friends. We headed over to the bar and waited for a bit for people to show up. Eventually the three of them arrived and we just hung out, drank and ate a bit. After a while more people showed up -- We ended up with like fifteen people at the restaurant/bar, we had to move to a table on the restaurant portion of the place because there were too many of us to fit at the bar. Phil, Erin and I hung out for a while after the extra people showed up and then we found the need to duck out. Phil went home, but Erin and I hung out for a few hours after we left.

All in all, my work day was a waste. But at least I had a nice evening.

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