December 28, 2010

Random Day...

Today was full of randomness. I woke up to find my sister's car blocking the width of our street and her trying to get her car unstuck. I got dressed and went outside to help her to no avail. We had people driving down the block, give us bitch face and reverse back down the street without helping us. My father eventually came home from work with a coworker to help. Once it wasn't blocking the street and parked we were told we weren't allowed to move our cars again -- We're both in our twenties!

In the afternoon Phil came to pick me up and what did we do on my day off from the library? Went into the library so that Phil could print things out. There is no keeping me out of the library... Aside from print a copy of his résumé and cover letters, we faxed them, went to Starbucks and went to the store to buy me some new snow boots because I broke the zipper on my Uggs® when I went to help my sister.

When Phil dropped me off he too got his car stuck in front of my house. While he was stuck an SUV drove down the block and the guy actually got out to help us. Eventually my father looked out the door and noticed that Phil's car was stuck and he begrudgingly came outside and got the car out.

Later on in the evening my sister and I walked down to the main road so we could get picked up by Justin and Erin to go to our other friend's grandfather's wake. We got Phil and headed over to the funeral home. We hung around the wake for awhile and then we went to get wings & beer.

That was my random day. Cars stuck in the snow, coffee, shopping, dead people, wings and beer.

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