December 26, 2010

Snowy Sunday...

Despite there being a blizzard outside today I had to go to work. And what did I do at work? Nothing because all of five people came in and they just came in for DVDs, so they didn't even ask my Department Head or I anything. We did get to close all of 45 minutes early. Going into work was a total waste of my time today.

I did get a phone call from the wrong side of the phone chain about the library being closed tomorrow -- I used to be a Clerk so on the old list I'm on the clerical side, but I haven't been a Clerk for a while and they put out a new list last week. I had to tell the person calling me that I wasn't on their list so I had no idea who was next and she'd have to call someone else.


  1. Hm, no one called me about the library being closed. I wonder if my branch will be open...

  2. If the main branch is closed so are the others. I can't believe no one called you and how much our phone chain sucks.

  3. I'm not surprised I didn't get a call. We do open pretty late on Mondays, so maybe I'll get a call tomorrow. Then I can act all prescient :) Thanks for the heads up!