January 12, 2011


Here is the tattoo I'm getting sometime before my 26th birthday. My friend said her husband would do it for me for $250, which is awesome. I have to book an appointment with him and I will be able to cross #22 off of my "No Regrets" list.

If you can guess what the DDC number is you get a prize. Not really...


  1. 027. is typically library science, but I don't know exactly what 6623 is.

    When I graduated with my MLIS, I held a card catalog cocktail party with ten drinks on a menu of catalog cards, each with their own Dewey Number (one in each broad category, 0, 1 etc up to 10). A Bloody Mary, for example, had a Dewey number for English history, and the 027 cocktail was a recipe I found called the "Darrien the Librarian".

  2. It's library sources and services in mental hospitals. I feel like I work with crazy people.

    That's awesome. I wish I had librarian friends that weren't 25+ years older than me so I could do dorky library things involving alcohol with them.