February 13, 2011


I know it's been almost ten days since my last post but I have a good reason for not posting, I was in Aruba with my family. We went on a seven day all inclusive vacation to the Holiday Inn SunSpree Resort in Aruba -- Don't ever stay at this hotel*. Aside from the hotel, I had an awesome time and I would go back if I was staying somewhere else.

I spent the majority of my time at the beach, swimming, drinking Miami Vices and eating, so I don't wanna bored you with a day by day breakdown of my trip because it basically revolved around those things with a few random things thrown in.

Random Things I Did In Aruba
  • Tubbing
  • Jet skiing
  • Snorkeling at the Antilla wreck**
  • Fofoti Tour: The Best of Aruba***

* The hotel itself was not a terrible looking or dirty place, it was actually quite nice. The problem with the hotel was the staff. Just about everyone at the hotel was rude and everything they said was very inconsistent -- One person would say one thing while someone else would say something else. It was bad.

While we were out to dinner we actually met a couple who had been screwed over by both the hotel and Travelocity. They had booked an all inclusive vacation for two through Travelocity for the hotel ($3,000+) and when they got to Aruba they were told there was no record of them paying for an all inclusive trip, just a room. They were telling us how rude the people were to them and all the bullshit they went through trying to rectify the situtation to no avail. Moral of the story, do NOT stay at the Holiday SunSpree Resort in Aruba.

** The MS Antilla is a World War II shipwreck off the coast of Aruba. At 400 feet long, the Antilla is one of the Caribbean's largest shipwrecks.

*** The Fofoti Tour included visits to the California Lighthouse, Gold Mine Ruins, Natural Bridge, Rock Formation, swimming at Baby Beach.

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