February 24, 2011

Babysitter Brawl...

Yesterday I wasn't feeling so hot, so I ended up leaving work after thirty minutes. Apparently I missed a brawl between my favorite nanny and some random old woman. Earlier today said nanny came up to me asking for my Department Head because she wanted to apologize to her. I asked her what had happened that she needed to apologize and she goes on to tell me that she was getting ready to leave with the kids, so she bundled up the baby and put her in her stroller, she starts to cry -- She cries all the time, she's a baby. The nanny was about to get the baby's brother when a random woman (who she nor no one else in the department had ever seen before) walks up to the stroller and rips it open screaming that the baby is suffocating and that she was going to call the police on the nanny for child abuse. At the sight of this woman touching the baby's stroller the nanny cursed her out -- Totally understandable in my opinion, you don't touch other people's strollers and/or children. There was apparently a screaming match and our Director had to be called down. They had the old lady leave and as she was leaving she was questioning one of my coworkers about how often the nanny came to the library, saying she was still going to call the cops. I cannot believe I missed such chaos.

As the nanny was telling me the story she was getting worked up. She looked at me and said "Miss. _______, I was gonna beat her ass!" I looked at her and told her I would have let her, because I don't blame her what-so-ever for cursing the woman out.

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