March 30, 2011

Access & Request Denied...

I somehow managed to avoid an angry patron today -- Yay for me, even though I would have liked to watch. Apparently "Amy" and "Marie" both had separate encounters with a lady complaining about various aspects of our library in regards to her special needs grandchild.

"Amy" got reamed out by the woman for denying her and her grandchild entry to a program because it was filled to capacity by families that had registered. The woman was apparently acting as if her grandchild was being denied because of being special needs, which is obviously untrue.

After dealing with the woman "Amy" was extremely paranoid about her going to the Director and getting her in trouble. I had to keep assuring her that she did nothing wrong and that the woman was just being a bitch.

Once the woman was done with "Amy" she went into the Youth Services Department and began to complain to "Marie" about one of the foam climbing toys that we have in out picture book room. She claimed that it was being uses inappropriately and wanted it removed because she didn't want her grandchild playing on in. "Marie" denied her request and told her that if she had a problem with the toy she would have to speak to the Department Head about it, which the woman didn't do because she stormed out after no one bent to her will.

I'm so glad I didn't have to deal with this woman.

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