March 20, 2011

Birthdays, BBQ, Vomit & Drinks...

Yesterday I went into the city for one of my college friend's birthdays. Like seventeen of us met up and had dinner at Dallas BBQ, then we went out for drinks.

While we were out at Dallas BBQ one of my friend's friends actually drank three Texas sized drinks within a short period of time thus causing him to vomit all over the table we were eating at -- Fun huh? We sent his ass back to Staten Island in a taxi (I have no idea how much that must have cost him).

After all of that fun we headed to Off The Wagon (We're always at Off The Wagon or Down The Hatch) but when we got there we saw that there was no place for us to sit and we figured that we'd never get a beer pong table, so two of our friends walked around the corner to 1849 to see if there were places for us to sit and chill there. There was so we all headed over there. We were there for a few hours drinking and talking. I was actually told several secrets while I was there, which is always fun. Eventually I had to peace out or else I would have been stuck in Penn Station for hours which is never fun.

Overall it was a lovely evening with my good friends and I can't wait until we do it all again.

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