March 24, 2011

Bonding Time...

I am the best future sister-in-law ever. I saved Justin's 9-year-old and 6-year-old sisters from having to join their parents and sit outside of their classrooms during Parent-Teacher Conferences. Before I left work they were in the library and I asked them what they were doing after the little one got out of her Daisies meeting. Justin's mom told me about the meetings, so I looked at the 9-year-old and asked her if she'd rather hang out with me instead. She jumped at the chance not to sit around and do nothing for hours. So when the 6-year-old was done I gathered them both and we went out for dinner.

After dinner we accidentally broke into Erin's house so they could meet her dog -- She eventually showed up. After playing with the dog for a bit and getting pooped on by the hedgehog, the four of us went out for ice cream and went back to the girl's house to play games until their parents got home. Everyone had a good time, so it was a successful evening and the girls both had good reports from their teacher. Excellent evening.

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