March 17, 2011

Career Day...

Today Lenni and I were forced to attend Career Day at the local high school. While attending we both lost our faith in mankind. We only had a handful of students walk up to us (We lacked swag, so no one wanted anything to do with us) and all but two of them asked us or said something ridiculously stupid to us. We were amazed how little they knew about libraries. It's like they were never taught what a library was or how it worked.

Stupid Things Students Said:
"I thought librarians were random people that couldn't get real jobs..."

Student: "What do you do?"
Me: "We're librarians..."
Student: "What do you do..."

"How much does it cost to get a library card?"

"I've never been to the liberry. I don't like to read."

Student: "What are you?"
Me: "The library..."
Student: "Oh, nevermind"
Number of Times "Liberry" Was Said: 8
Number of Times Asked About Summer Jobs: 6

The worst part of all of this is that we have to do it all over again in a few weeks but at the middle school.


  1. Best part of it? Getting free swag thanks to Lenni's "sneakiness" and Favorite Page #3 :P