March 31, 2011

Clay Pots & Paint...

I spent this fine Thursday stuck working with "Julia" and "Sarah" -- It sucked, I'm going to give my Department Head a piece of my mind on the matter in the AM tomorrow because she sent me a text last night saying that she saved me from working alone with "Sarah" on a Saturday, but she leaves me with her and the other one all day today (Can't you tell I'm annoyed?). So instead of dealing with them I sat at my desk in the office and started making a bunch of clay pot craft demos. I was inspire to make the Lorax, a spaceship and a frog -- As you can tell by the picture I only finished the Lorax, which I was making as a possible Earth Day craft. Working on the clay pots kept me busy for hours and magically made them stay away from me -- Though I can imagine what "Sarah" is going to say to our Department Head tomorrow about what I was doing because she is an evil bitch. I'll keep you updated on what they all turn into, which will probably end up being tomorrows post if I'm lucky enough to get to chill at my desk all day again.

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