March 15, 2011

Kindergarteners Listen Better...

One of most annoying things about "Amy" was shining bright today, the fact that she does not listen. My Department Head is always getting into arguments with "Amy" because she never learned how to listen and she is constantly twisting everything that she says.

Basically, "Julia" got stuck doing a storytime that "Amy" typically does and instead of getting three & a half year-olds to five-year-olds she was bombarded by nannies with children of all ages because "Amy" lets anyone and everyone come to her programs. So, "Julia" complained to our Department Head about it -- Apparently our Department Head had NO idea that "Amy" was doing what she was doing. So, when "Amy" go back from lunch she got in trouble for not following the ages set for programs. "Amy" (Who never listens or lets go of an issue) spent forever trying to figure out what she "should do" and what the "real rules" were despite everything myself, the Department Head and "Julia" said to her. She claimed that everyone was inconsistant in what they do, when in reality she is the inconsistant one. I really wanted to smack her today.

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