March 10, 2011

Library Bitch...

I got roped into doing a lot of random things today. First I was suckered into coming into the library at 11:00am (I was scheduled to work 1:00pm-9:00pm) to pay the caterer for our Assistant Director's going away party, as well as set up the food in our staff room. I also had to make sure everyone that paid got food and that people didn't just wander upstairs to nosh on food they didn't pay for. I also had to clean up and listen to one of the full time Clerks bitch that "Julia" ate six sandwiches -- "Julia" is constantly on a diet plan (She is currently on Weight Watchers®) yet she is always over eating, so I wasn't surprised she did what she did.

I had to sort through, label, deliver and collect the money for the Girl Scout Cookies® my coworkers bought from Justin's sisters. There were five boxes of cookies that I had to move from my car into the library. It was annoying.

In addition to all of that I was somehow stuck teaching a den of Cub Scouts about our local history -- I was only told about this today, so even though I've lived in the area my whole life I had to do a lot of reading up on our history. It was a pain, I had twelve little boys who honestly didn't care about anything I had to say running around and pushing each other around for forty-five minutes. What was worst was that neither their parents nor their leader did anything to help me.

It was a very long day.

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