March 1, 2011

Neck Rolling Mothers...

After having the most peaceful first half of the day, "Emily" and I began the evening by getting screamed at by one of the kid's mothers. She came in rolling her neck, yelling at us for kicking her daughter out with all of the kids that were being bad -- Her daughter and a bunch of others were running around being loud, etc. She kept saying that her daughter didn't do anything, that she was nothing but respectful, that it wasn't fair that we lumped her daughter in with other kids, etc. -- She spent fifteen minutes yapping her mouth about how her child is an angel and how she is her mother, not us. We argued with her a little, telling her if her daughter wasn't being bad then she needs to learn to walk away from her friends if they are, blah blah blah... This wasn't a good enough answer for this delusional woman. She eventually left, but apparently as she was leaving she ran into our security guard who put her in her place and changed her mind about her daughter's behavior. I heard that once he talked to her that she started screaming at her daughter -- Which she deserved because she is bad.

After this woman left one of the tutors that was there walked up to me and whispered "That bitch is crazy. She got me in trouble with my assistant principle because she said I was disrespectful..." She went on for several minutes telling me about all of the problems this woman has caused her -- I mentioned it in my note in the incident book.

This wasn't the first time I've dealt with this crazy woman. She actually yelled at me several months ago for "screaming" at her daughter -- I almost cursed her out because of it. I really hate this woman.

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