March 18, 2011

Problem Solving, Newsletters & Shopping...

I spent my work day solving problems for other people and proof reading the newsletter. I was actually very nice and didn't have to solve the problems that I did because they were basically all crap "Julia" should have had to figure out.

Every year "Julia" does this poetry magazine (which she calls a zine and it's really annoying) and every year she needs to find a teen volunteer to put the thing together because she is extremely stupid when it comes to computers. This particular year she is running super late so our Department Head has been on her ass. Because of this "Julia" started bothering "Mini Page" to see if she wanted to do it and not get paid for it, she wanted this poor girl to volunteer -- "Mini Page" is way too nice and doesn't know how to say no even if she really doesn't want to do something. After she grilled "Mini Page" I suggested to her that she have "Favorite Page #1" do it when she comes back from college and that she get paid to do it seeing as she works in the damn library. She stuttered and did her normal thing, then our Department Head said it was a great idea since "Favorite Page #1" has done it before. I texted "Favorite Page #1" and she said she'd be happy to do it, thus lots of problems solved.

Problems Solved
  1. "Julia" has someone to put her magazine together
  2. "Mini Page" isn't being forced to do something she doesn't want to do
  3. My Department Head no longer has to worry about "Julia" messing it up
I am yet again the hero in the Youth Services Department.

On the newsletter front I had to figure out whether it was my Department Head who messed it up or the lady who puts it together (She's a Clerk). This entailed that I check all of the dates with our master calendar and with the master sheet our Department Head sent to the clerk in charge of it. Verdict on the matter, they both screwed it up and I have demanded that they be sent back to elementary school to learn how to read a calendar and their days of the week.

After work I hung out with Erin and Maria. We went out to dinner and did a little shopping. Not a terribly exciting evening but we always have fun together.

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