March 8, 2011

Programs! Dead Bodies! Stalkers! Oh My...

Today was weird. We had a crazy program registration, a person coming in about their stalker and there were talks of handless dead bodies. The first of these things to happen was the stalker portion, I had a woman come up to me talking about a stalker and them leaving books by their house, I called the Director and had him deal with it.

Later on at the beginning of the program registration I had a mother come in who told us she left work early so that she could sign her children up for library programs. Apparently she wasn't supposed to be the one to do this, her husband was but he ended up having a flat tire and he father was supposed to take their children but he got a phone call yesterday that there was an odd smell coming from one of the apartments he owned. And he found his tenant dead, according to the coroner the body was there for at least two months and apparently the guys hands fell off when they moved the body -- True story.

In addition to those things "Emily" and I had to deal with the craziest program registration in a long time -- Our Department Head called in sick yet again and we got stuck doing it. We had tons of people and a lot of programs to sign them up for. It was exhausting.

Also Lenni and "Leslie" blew up my spot and forced me to show & tell our Director about my tattoo. He looked at it, laughed and walked away. After all of the bull people in the building were talking about having a tattoo comminty and getting them approved, the Director didn't care. It was an odd addition to my weird day.

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