March 14, 2011


I don't know about you guys but over the years working in a public building I've had my fair share of stalkers. Today one of my creepiest stalkers was on the loose -- I normally see him when I'm punching in and/or out in our magazine room (There are big windows between the circulation desk and the magazine room, our time clock is behind the desk next to one of the windows) but I typically turn away before he can notice me and run to where ever I have to be. Unfortunately I decided to take the elevator today and I ran straight into him -- He is this big creepy looking old fat black guy who calls me by the wrong name, I shall call him "Stalker #4". He asked me why hadn't he seen me around, when I work and blessed me. I told him I had to go and ran to my desk. I thought I was done with him for the day until he showed up with his friend's little daughter because "She called and wanted to go to the library" when she found out he was there. He started to talk to me, but thankfully there were a bunch of patrons asking questions so I could ignore him. Eventually when he wasn't paying attention I ran out and went home. I hope I don't have to deal with him tomorrow.

Past Stalkers
  • "Stalker #1" would constantly come up to me when I worked at the circulation desk asking me to help him, offering me fruit salad he made just for me, etc. He actually came up to the Youth Services Department looking for me at some point last year, he asked one of the women when I was working and she told him she couldn't tell him & told him that he needed to leave the room. My coworker told the Assistant Director and she talked to him.
  • "Stalker #2" came in everyday for a week and a half asking me to go on a date with him. He would stand in front of where ever I was at circulation and give me tons of "reasons" I should date him. This dude didn't not take no for an answer and didn't care that I said I had a boyfriend. Someone stepped in and told him to leave me the hell alone. He didn't show up again after that.
  • "Stalker #3" was this guy (a teacher) who also was trying to get me to date him. He showed up at the library for several days until Phil saved me from him and the dude didn't come back. This guy I found out dated someone I knew for a hot second and he apparently had anger issues.
As you can tell, I'm a creeper magnet.


  1. One time Jane and I were by the magazines organizing the old issues and some dude took a photo of our backs. I don't remember what he looked like but I wish I turned around quick enough to punch him in the face.

  2. And that is why all of those signs are up about asking permission before taking photos of people are scattered around the library.