March 22, 2011

Tattling Librarian...

"Julia" has once again proven that she is a piece of work. At 6:00pm today she went downstairs, punched out, then proceeded to come back up to the Youth Services Department and sit down at the reference desk computer, where she started to work on an Excel spreadsheet for a continuing education course that she is taking -- Which has nothing to do with the library. "Emily" and I were in the office doing various things so we weren't paying attention to her, until she called into the room saying that she needed someone to help the patrons because she was off the clock. This pissed me off. So, I helped the patrons and said to her when I was done doing so that she might wanna go to one of the computers that the kids use because people are gonna think that she is working. She said she didn't feel like getting up and she continued to work on her spreadsheet. So what did I do? I texted and called the Department Head to tell her what "Julia" was doing. She was pissed at her, so she called in and made her leave. Now "Julia" is trying to figure out who tattled on her and I'm in my glory.

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