March 3, 2011

Twenty-Five Things By March 3rd, 2011...

Today is the day and I have accomplished another three items on my list. I got a tattoo*, I've taken up a hobby (I started messing around with painting with watercolors) and I've been reading about Taoism/Daoism. So thats numbers four, seven and twenty-two.

I didn't get everything on my list done, but I also started the list June 1st, 2010 so I didn't even have a whole year to work on the list. Nine things in in nine months is pretty good I think. Whatever I didn't finish will be on my next list.
Twenty-Five Things To Do By March 3rd 2011:
  1. Get Thrown Out of a Nightclub (#6)
  2. People Watch in Paris (#52)
  3. Drink Only Water for a Month
  4. Take Up a Hobby – Just for You, Just for Fun (#86)
  5. Do Something that Scares You (#69)
  6. Take a Dance Class
  7. Explore Religious Teachings for a Tradition You Weren’t Raised In (#16)
  8. Buy a Princess Dress (#35)
  9. Love Your Body (#25)
  10. Mail a Postcard to Post Secret
  11. Learn a Foreign Language (#80)
  12. Go to a Shooting Range
  13. Finish Unfinished Business (#14)
  14. Go Inside the Statue of Liberty
  15. Eat Too Much in Italy (#60)
  16. Learn to Walk in Three Inch Stilettos (#30)
  17. Go Wine Tasting Erin ruined this one by having a hangover on her birthday
  18. Say Yes to a Night Out with Locals (#53)
  19. Swim With Sharks (#47)
  20. Learn to Drive Stick Shift
  21. Indulge in a Great Work of Literature (#88)
  22. Get a Tattoo
  23. Go Ghost Hunting in England (#59) Obviously not getting this one done
  24. Create a Cookbook of My Recipes
  25. Learn to Get a Good Night’s Sleep (#99)
* I'll make a post all about my tattoo when it heals and looks even more awesome than it does right now.

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