April 19, 2011

Damn Caffeine...

Today wasn't the most exciting of days, I worked in the morning instead of the evening (I'm typically the Tuesday night librarian) because Justin and I had tickets to the Mets game and I ended up leaving at 4:00pm -- Shhh! Don't tell anyone, but we didn't end up going because we thought the rain was gonna be bad and it wasn't. Whomp whomp.

So, the first half of the day I was zonked out because I'm not used to going to work at 9:00am on a Tuesday (Yeah, I know I typically work 9:00am-5:00pm every other day of the week, but I have a mental block thing about Tuesdays) and I ended up drinking two cups of coffee (Which the Clerks forced me to make and then they complained that I make coffee too strong. I'm Cuban bitches, I drink coffee the equivalent of rocket fuel at home) and taking a caffeine pill. This was a bad idea, because I overdosed on caffeine in the morning the rest of my day was crappy -- I had this nauseous/dizzy feeling for the rest of the day which I blame on the pill because as I stated above, I drink strong coffee at home and I can take a nap after I drink said coffee. Thankfully everyone else was feeling crappy so they weren't paying attention to me. So I hid in the office the majority of the day, which I probably didn't really have to do because it's spring break this week and our patrons are MIA.

After escaping from the library I went home to find that my diploma finally came in the mail. I was super excited and I did the obvious, took at picture of it and posted it on my Facebook. I'm so happy it finally came, I now have proof that I am a real librarian!

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