April 22, 2011

Fleeting Friday...

Today was one of those days where I felt like crap (TMJD related stuff), went to work to do little random things that I knew no one else could do and then I went back home to sleep -- I spent a total of two hours in the library this fine Friday.

The Things I Did
  • I made mustache templates for my Department Head to use with the kids who signed up to do the Earth Day Lorax craft -- I was just gonna have the kids freehand it, but seeing as I made the craft demo and I was no longer doing the craft I felt that I should be nice and create a template.
  • I did statistics for my programs.
  • Wrote up blurbs for my programs to put in next months edition of the library newsletter.
  • Yelled at "Julia" for being stupid on two counts. A patron called to see if we had anything going on for a 3-year-old and/or a 6-year-old child. "Julia" proceeds without looking at the newsletter to tell her that we have an Earth Day Craft, blah blah blah... She tells the woman to come in and sign up for the craft for the 6-year-old -- You have to sign up in person when there is a fee attached. Lucky I got up and double checked the newsletter before she got off the phone because the craft was for those in second grade and up. "Julia" told the woman this and asked what grade the 6-year-old was in (I wanted to punch her in the back of the head for thinking that a 6-year-old could possibly be in second grade). Eventually she told the woman there was nothing for her children to do. After getting off the phone she decided to look at the list of individuals that signed up to do that craft. She looks into the office to tell us that someone signed a 6-year-old up, closes the book and doesn't do anything about it. I ended up telling her maybe she should call the person up and tell them that we'll refund their money because the child is too young to do the craft. She stutters that she didn't sign them up and I got pissed at her. I yelled at her and told her that if she found a mistake she should fix even though she didn't do it. What was she gonna do wait for me or the Department Head to do it? Wait until the family dragged themselves to the library for the craft and then deny them? She stuttered a bit more and eventually called them. I cannot stand her stupidity.
After leaving work I basically slept all day and when I wasn't sleeping I was prepping food for the dinner I had planned with Justin and my family before all the crap that has happened in the past week.

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