April 13, 2011

Wednesday Woes...

Before I even got to work this morning I was having a crappy day. I was awoken at 5:30am by water dripping on my feet from my ceiling -- Whenever it rains a lot the portion of the ceiling over my bed leaks and it's a different spot each time. Because of being woken up over two hours before I would normally wake up I was annoyed and my TMJD started flaring up. So I started off the day with a headache.

As soon as I got into work today "Julia" who was supposed to only work half of the day called in sick and it was extremely obvious why she did it, today is her birthday. So, she decided to be selfish and call in sick on a Wednesday when she knows that it's the one day of the week that we need to make sure that people are in because "Amy" and I have four hours worth of programs in the AM. If she wanted the damn day off she should have taken it as annual leave forever ago.

"Marie" was pissed when she found out "Julia" called in because she does it all the time and it messes up the day for everyone else -- She always calls in on the worse days possible. "Marie" was telling me that she feels like "Julia" is the boy who cried wolf of illness and that she doesn't ever believe her when she says she doesn't feel well. "Julia" actually called out sick so many time last year that when she actually needed time because she needed to have her gall bladder removed she barely had any -- She also milked the crap out of this surgery, she was out of work for almost three weeks and "Mama Page" & I were so annoyed with her because we both had our gall bladders removed and we didn't need that much time recovering. < /Rant >

"Amy" and I set up the auditorium for our program, no problems even though I wasn't feeling so hot. We started the first program and while we were doing it she gets a phone call from her daughter's school saying that they think she has strep and needs to be picked up, so "Amy" ran out to go get her. The problem is that "Amy" doesn't have a car and she relies on cabs/buses to get her around, so everything takes her forever and a year to do. Because "Amy" left I was stuck doing this huge program by myself with headache. It was really annoying but I made it through the morning. By the time our Department Head came into work I was in a mood and she just left me alone for the rest of the day.

I cannot wait to see "Julia" tomorrow and call her out for pretending to be sick because it was her birthday. I'll keep you up-to-date on that shit show.

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