April 24, 2011

Work & Play...

I spent the majority of my Saturday at the library working with "Emily" and "Mama Page." Since the weather was bad we really didn't have very many people in. That was until it was time to "Emily" to leave (She and the other part-timers only have to work from 10:30am to 3:30pm on Saturdays, leaving the full-timer by themselves for several hours) and then the place was packed with tons of screaming children and their inattentive parents. I had parents chatting amongst each other while their toddlers wandered around out of their line of sight, I had other children running around screaming and making messes with coloring sheets/crayons, etc. I had to put the smack down on and shut that shit down. Eventually I got them to clean everything up and they left, so the last fifteen minutes of my work day was peaceful.

Way before the chaos we had a father and son come in with two huge bins filled with Legos. "Mama Page" and I were in our glory. We went through all of the bins trying to pull out all of the Lego people so I could take a few for my new photo obsession, Lego people doing various things (#LibrariansLoveLegos on Twitter). We spent about an hour doing that.

After work I drove to Justin's and we headed out to have dinner with our friends at the Cheesecake Factory. The six of us had dinner, dessert and bullshitted for awhile before heading our separate ways. That was pretty much my Saturday.

Today Justin and I woke up early (much to my chagrin) because we had tickets to see the Mets play against the Arizona Diamondbacks. We got to Citi Field a little after 11:00am, so we got food and watched batting practice before heading over to our seats and watching the game.

Unlike the other games we went to so far they played well and they ended up winning.

After the game we headed back to Justin's appartment, but not before trying to find something to eat and failing -- Like nothing was open seeing as it's Easter today. I hung around for a bit and then I headed home. Pretty standered weekend for me.

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