May 21, 2011

Battle Over ADD...

On Thursday I was weeding through a bunch of books that "Mini Page" had pulled from the stacks. As I was doing so I was talking to "Favorite Page #1" and I came across a book about ADD. I chuckled at the cover, showed the book to "Favorite Page #1" and said I should probably get rid of the book because ADD doesn't exist in the same sense as in the book. "Julia" who was sitting at her desk as I was doing this, turns to me and asked me what I said. I repeated that ADD doesn't exist and that ADHD is what people are concerned with. Then she said to me in a snippy tone who was this according to. As you can guess I got snippy back and said I guess the psychologist of the world and that in the next DSM. I said 'They don't care about you unless you're hyper' I said this as a general statement, but apparently she took it personally.

The next day I found out that later on that day (At least three hours later) that she went upstairs to the staff room and was crying uncontrollably. She cried so much that the Director didn't understand what she was saying and made her write it down. At some point she came downstairs and begged our Department Head to let her leave, she wouldn't let her because she had no idea what was going on. Eventually "Julia" told her her version of the story -- In her version of the story I am a hostel person and she wants to quit.

When I found out about all of this (From the Head Clerk/Union President) I stormed into our office, kicked "Mini Page" out and told the Department Head what had actually happened . She said she was glad I told her because "Julia's" story didn't make much sense to her, but she was upset I was told about it because "Julia" didn't know what she wanted to do and she didn't want me to be pissed off all weekend.

I really cannot believe her. She claims that I'm hostel and aggressive, but what about her? She talks down to me, the Pages and other staff memebers. She thinks that because she has been a librarian for X amount of years that she is entitled to God knows what and she throws how long she has been a librarian in people's faced when they do something she doesn't like. I'm sorry, just because you've been a librarian for however many years doesn't make you a good librarian. She's actually a pretty shitty librarian in more than one sense. The only thing she is good at is recommending books, that's about it. She isn't personable, she can't do arts & crafts, she has a horribly irritating storytime voice, she cannot execute anything properly, etc.

I'm not looking forward to Monday because I know that at some point in the day (If she shows up to work at all) that she is going to ask me to talk to her in private. I'm telling you all right now that there is no way in hell that will happen. I refuse to talk to her alone because I don't trust her. From here on out I am going to request that she doesn't talk to me unless it is absolutely work related. I'm going to tell my Department Head that under no circumstance will I be alone with this woman. I'm done dealing with this bitch. No more semi-nice Misfit Librarian.

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