May 19, 2011

Cramps? Really?!...

I was informed by both "Amy" and "Marie" that "Julia" has somehow gotten away with getting out of doing various work related tasks because she claims she is having extreme menstrual cramps once a month. Really?!?!!! That is a load of bull shit, especially seeing as the entire department is comprised of females.

I'm assuming my rage over this and a bit of confidentiality kept my Department Head from telling me this when she begged me to cover a school visit for "Julia" about a week ago. Because I'm pretty sure she knows if she told me I would have went crazy and cursed up a storm.

I honestly cannot wait for "Julia" to mention so I can tell her off. I think it is the biggest load of crap ever. I'll let you know how things go next month.


  1. Surprisingly, at my branch the most used "excuses" are allergy or bowel related...

    Mine is "Chronic Cranial Flatulence."

  2. We get no allergy excuses, but bowel related is used. We get a lot of headaches here.