May 13, 2011

RE: Stalker #4...

While Lenni and I were setting up for Drawing Club she looks at me and asks me if I heard that one of our crazy patrons died. I said I hadn't so I asked her who it was and what they looked like. The first description out of her mouth was it was the "guy who was always reading the Bible by the magazines" -- This description didn't help me seeing as I work with the kids in a different department, in a different portion of the building. So, I asked for a bit more information and it turns out that it was "Stalker #4" she was describing. Apparently he died in his sleep on Tuesday night. I guess I'm glad I was kinda nice to him when he blew kisses at me and told me he hoped God blessed me during the day on Tuesday. Lets hope he has better things to do than come back and stalk me in his after life.

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