May 28, 2011

Service With An Attitude...

Today Justin and I decided to go to the library by where he lives for the first time ever. We go in looking for season two of The Big Bang Theory, which ended up being out but due that day. Since it wasn't back yet I decided to be mean and take out season three so if the person dropped the other season off they couldn't have it -- Yeah, I'm a dick. So, I check that season out with my ID because apparently knowing my library card number wasn't good enough for the clerk at the library.

Later on I look online and see that season two had been returned, so Justin and I headed back to the library to get it. I get one of the Pages to give it to me from the back because they hadn't shelved it yet and then I headed to circulation. I busted out my ID for the new bunch of ladies at circulation and they were so rude to me. "We can't look up out of district patrons library card numbers... Blah blah blah..." I had Justin give them his card and they continued to be annoying (Justin's library card is from the library I work at because it's the only library he ever walks into). After being pains and checking it out for us they look at us and say "You don't have to return it here, you can return this at your home library..." I looked at the two bitches and told them I knew that because I was a librarian at my home library. Once I said that those bitches changed their tune... "Oh, why didn't you say you were a librarian?! We would have checked it out for you out of courtesy!"

I could not believe how rude they were to me. I cannot wait to tell my Director on Tuesday so he can tell their Director that their clerical staff is rude to out of district patrons.

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