May 21, 2011

Unwanted Book Drop Off...

Ten minutes before the library was supposed to close today a man walks up to the Adult Reference librarians and tells them he has books he wants to donate to the library. They tell him that they can't take them at the very moment he walked in because the library is closing soon. So what does the guy do? He leaves six boxes of books in front of the library so that people can just grab books from it.

It was a really dick move on this guys part because there were some nice books in some of those boxes that the library could have used. Instead of coming back tomorrow and giving the library the books he left them outside on a day when it was supposed to rain shortly after he left them.

When we saw the boxes outside we were cursing up a storm and then we all looked through the boxes -- We librarians love ourselves some books. I grabbed some of the exceptional looking books and threw them into my car so that I can bring them into work on Monday and put them in the collection.

I wonder if the books are still outside the front of the building...

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