June 13, 2011

Decorating Diversion...

I spent the majority of today making decorations for our upcoming reading club -- Once I put together all of my bulletin boards I'll take pictures and post them for you to see, I promise.

Towards the middle of the day "Sarah" had the nerve to come up to me with an attitude, asking me when I was going to look through the books that "Mini Page" pulled the other day off of the dusty books list. She was so snippy, asking me things like "Are you by any chance going to do these before I leave today... How about before the end of the week..." I told her I'd get to them eventually and that I needed to finish what I was working on. When I was done working on the decoration in front of me, I did it.

She is such a piece of work. I put a lot of effort into making decorations, so the fact that she came up to me the way she did and implied that I was BSing or whatever she thought I was doing made me so angry. The department doesn't just magically look the way it does, I do all of that decorating. I work hard to make the department look welcoming and fun. What the hell does she do? She doesn't do shit. She sits around reading her damn books, calling her boyfriend and doing crap for her daughter's stupid wedding. I cannot wait until she is finally gone next week.

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