June 8, 2011

Dress Code Drama...

I should probably start this off by introducing you to a staff member that I've been avoiding writing about because she is the cause of the majority of my problems within the library and the idea of her frustrates me more than anyone else on the staff -- Yeah, she is that bad... I shall call her "Aubrey" because it sounds like a bitchy name.

"Aubrey" and I used to share my current job as Librarian Trainee, as well as a position as a Processing Clerk. She basically spent the whole time we split our jobs trying to get me fired and fighting with my Department Head and our Director about it -- She didn't enjoy sharing her job with a 23 year-old. About a year and a half into us splitting jobs she messed up enough so that they could demoted her from the Librarian Trainee position and it was eventually given solely to me -- It took them months after they did this to promote me, which was super annoying. Her presence in the library is the only reason I have to do everything the difficult way -- No one wants to give her a reason to do anything evil because she is truly capable of doing some evil shit.

As you can probably guess, she caused the chaos that shook the library up this fine June day. Apparently she came in dressed in a very questionable outfit -- I heard she was wearing an oversized t-shirt and spandexy knee length short thingies, I didn't actually see her so I can only go by what I was told. Our Director commented on whatever she was wearing and a thirty minute screaming match followed -- He isn't always very tactful, so God knows what he said to her and/or how he said it. From what I was told by our Head Clerk they screamed at each other, she took her short thingies off waved them in the air in front of our Director screaming that they were pantyhose and eventually Head Clerk got them to chill out.

Our story doesn't end here... After screaming and being worked up by "Aubrey" our Director typed out a memo stating that the dress code policy that the board adopted in December was officially in place as of tomorrow. He stormed around the building making comments about what people had on as he handed out the memos. This shook the staff up. They were all complaining about various things on the list, getting upset trying to figure out if what they were currently wearing was appropriate or not, etc.

"Aubrey" is always causing problems. I don't understand how someone could be so insubordinate and not get into any real trouble and/or fired. I hope the Director can finally fire her after she pulled this crap.

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