June 17, 2011


In other "Sarah" related news, she is mad at me because I asked my Department Head in front of her if she wanted anything from one of the local pizzerias (Lenni and I were going out to lunch) but I didn't ask her. What the hell?!?!! Why would I ask her if she wanted something, we both don't like each other... Plus, why would I waste my energy carrying something to nourish her?

I really don't understand why there is so much food related drama in my department (I mean, I kinda do because everyone is a flipping fatty). Why do these bitches think that I have to ask them if they want something if I ask someone else? I am not a delivery service and I am not friends with them. They don't call around the building asking people if they wanna order food. Nor do they offer to pick something up for anyone else typically ("Amy" is the only one that kinda does this). So why should I?!?!!

I need to stop mentioning lunch in front of these women.

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